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We proudly announce the following new features on all free hosting accounts!

1. cPanel x3 theme - The popular and professional x3 theme is now available for all free hosting accounts.
2. 80 SEO tools - From keyword checkers to page optimization utilities, this huge selection of completely free tools helps you grow a successful website.
3. Search Engine Submitter - All free hosting customers can now submit their websites for free to over 100 search engines from one location in your control panel. Every free hosting control panel now has the cPanel x3 theme provided as the default theme.

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For any web site from a small business brochure, pictures of a tropical holiday, to powerful dynamic websites for a gaming clan etc, Byet Internet has the right services for you and at the right price... $0.00!


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About us

We have a friendly, accessible team of engineers

with support professionals, business developers and more based all around the world focused on the continued market and technological success of our company while adding value to our services to benefit our users, clients and customers.

Our cluster-based GRID network

which features hundreds of server nodes using the right software for the right job powered by Linux and Unix operating systems. Our hardware throughout the network mainly consists of Quad-CPU Intel Xeon processors which stand up to the most demanding requests of the network such as processing end user requests.

multiple server network

All of this combined allows us and our network itself to seamlessly spread traffic demand across multiple servers simultaneously which gives your sites superior performance in turn, ensuring that your sites stay online and running quickly at all times which is important to you, us and your viewers! Our platform handles millions of requests every day but, has the capability to process hundreds of millions of requests or even billions to service you and more importantly, your viewers and Internet users all over the world..

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If you have any problems or have the need to contact us to ask a question, you can use the integrated support system in your control panel to create a support ticket.
We will reply to your question as soon as possible.

For technical support please look at the knowledge base at:
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